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New York, Long Island: Massage Therapy

In today’s world of ever-increasing stress and lack of attention to our own needs, Massage Therapy offers an oasis in the world of Holistic Health or Alternative Medicine. The image of Massage Therapy has been transformed by highly trained and effective practitioners, who are often skilled at more than one type of massage (see below). Massage therapy practices often offer near immediate stress release, with surroundings that often have a Zen or oriental touch, New Age or relaxing music and staff who are not in a hurry. Additionally, there may be other services offered such as facials, hot tubs, just let your mind go.

Read on for more information on massage therapy, different types of massage and links to informational websites.

Massage Therapy, Long Island NY:

The practice of massage is an ancient one with many modern twists and adherents. As a social animal, humans benefit from therapeutic touch, one of the overtones often missing in hospital settings. Some massages are just for relaxing and others are for far deeper therapeutic aims, such as Rolfing, the granddaddy of deep massage therapy. There are sites below which list types and information on massage therapy. The editor is a firm believer (although not always the user he would like to be – not enough time!) of massage therapy – as most of us need to slow down in a world that has ever increasing demands on us and our family. And to find time to let the mind come to peace, massage is a handmaiden of meditation, yoga and other such practices.

When you get a massage, please gently ask your therapist about credentials and experience, as there are excellent training programs for massage therapists. Also, make sure you are comfortable in one of the many places that offer therapeutic massage; if you are not at ease, ask the therapist to recommend another one and they probably will – as in all health areas, honesty is the only policy.

And check with your health plan, as it may cover at least part of your massage. Also, if possible set up a schedule for massage – the longer you do it, the more benefit you will probably reap.

Depending on how you count, there are between 80 to over 150 varieties of massage. These are based on different approaches – some relaxing and some known to be actually painful (rolfing) and said to be worth the effort and pain! A very partial list of massage therapy types would include: Below are some useful sites on Massage Therapy. Please note that is not responsible for the content of external sites. And we strongly recommend that you consult your physician if you have any significant health problems before starting a course of Massage Therapy.
  • Information on types of massage as well as information for students and massage therapists.
  • Information on types of massage and other holistic treatments.
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