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New York, Long Island, Drug Treatment: Al-Anon and Al-Ateen

A brief introduction to Al Anon and Al-Ateen is provided below. These programs can be part of a comprehensive alcohol drug addiction treatment approach. In other health information articles on we describe program types common at a drug treatment center and major approaches to drug addiction rehab. We discuss residential drug treatment options including holistic treatment of drug addiction, Christian drug treatment, addiction drug prescription treatment, and more.

Al-Anon and Al-Ateen:

The first step to recovery for many families of alcoholics is contacting Al-Anon at the following hotline numbers:
  • Suffolk County: 631-669-2827
  • Nassau County: 516-433-8003
All addictions, including alcoholism, are said to be family diseases, affecting the structure and function of the family of the suffering alcoholic. An adage is that the sickest member of the alcoholics family is not the alcoholic but his significant others. Every one who has grown up in the home of an active alcoholic has been changed dramatically by this experience, usually for the worse. "Scared” is a commonly used term. Separate from AA, but closely bonded to it in many ways, including the overall process Al-Anon is a 12-step program, is based on the concept of "loving detachment" from the alcoholic and their problems. It has been a significant step to family health for many families sundered by the burden of alcoholism and has help restore many families to health or at least help takes the burden off of the family.

The basic web sites for Al-Anon and its affiliate for children, Al-Ateen are: As a twelve step program, to quote directly from the Suffolk County Al-Anon website:

"In Al-Anon We Learn:
  • Not to suffer because of the actions or reactions of other people;
  • Not to allow ourselves to be used or abused by others in the interest of another's recovery;
  • Not to do for others what they could do for themselves;
  • Not to manipulate situations so others will eat, go to bed, get up, pay bills, not drink;
  • Not to cover up for anyone's mistakes or misdeeds;
  • Not to create a crisis;
  • Not to prevent a crisis if it is in the natural course of events"
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