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Television Program Producers on Long Island, NY

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Before production starts for any of your favorite television shows, movies, or films, the Producer starts the process; from pre-production, throughout production, and into post-production. Above all else, it is the producer’s responsibility to make sure the TV production, theater production, movie production, or film production runs smoothly. Read on past our list of producers and production companies in Long Island, New York, for more details on what a producer does for a movie, TV show, film, or production.
Television Program Producers on Long Island, NY

LNB Productions

Video, film, equipment rentals, sales, production.
129 11th Ave., Huntington Station NY 11746 Tel 917-582-5627
Tel: 917-582-7808; 24 Hours: 631-470-4300
E-mail: lbielanski@lnbproductions.com; Website: lnbproductions.com

Boss Multi Media Productions, Inc.

A full service video production company specializing in marketing videos and TV productions.
5 South Dorset Dr., Montauk NY 11954 Tel 631-668-0809

Make Believe

Digital television production
10 Cambridge Ave., Melville NY 11747 Tel 917-628-6322
Fax: 631-425-4622; Tel: 631-425-5155
E-mail: info@makebelievetv.com; Website: makebelievetv.com
Pre-production: Making a movie, TV show, film, or other production all starts the same: with an idea. Producer finds and concocts this good idea, and hires a writer to help him develop the idea. The producer helps guide the writer, as he writes the television or movie script. Once the script is finalized, the Producer hires a director – he interprets the script into what will be shot during Production. He is “the captain of the creative shipâ€, and responsible for making all creative decisions related to the film or video production; including but not limited to lighting, costumes and wardrobe, production design, set building, casting calls, script revisions, locations, camera angles, camera movement, and cinematic look and style. It is the Producer’s job to support the Director’s artistic vision, help him troubleshoot any problems he may have, and achieve the best possible creative product – all while making sure he stays within budget, on schedule, and true to the original script’s ideas. The Producer will also hire all the necessary personnel for the project; Director of Photography, Assistant Director, Production Manager, Production Department, Production Designer, Art Director, Gaffer, Key Grip, Sound Engineers, Camera Department, and etc. Many Producers have access to a full service Production Company that will provide crew, equipment rentals, and all other film and video related needs. An extraordinary amount of time and planning goes into pre-production, to make sure all of the movie, television show, film, or video needs are met – that there will be no problems come time to shoot.
Production: All the actual filmmaking, videography, or shooting by any other name takes place during this phase of production. The Director oversees all of the shooting, managing talent (the actors), the camera, the lights, and the action. The Producer stands by his side, along with the rest of his Production Department, to make sure everything runs smoothly during photography. The crew works hard to make sure that the Director’s vision is caught on film or video. Upon picture wrap, all of the television show’s or movie’s footage should be complete; this includes Principal Photography, Second Unit Photography, Pick-up Shots, and any necessary re-shoots.
Post-Production: With all of the footage “in the can†(completely shot), the Producer will hire and Editor to cut their movie or television show together into a complete story. The Director supervises the entire process, making sure the film or video holds true to his vision. Once the final edits have been made and the movie or TV show is finished, the Producer takes over again; contacting the studio, securing distribution, tending to all the legal work and copyrights, securing the Director’s choice in music, and more. Then it’s time for the Producer to find a new idea, and start the whole creative video, movie, television, film making process all over again.